Gremlins 2: The New Batch

An innocent allergic creature gives birth to a hoard of morphing monsters inside a commercial skyscraper after being exposed to water.
Horror for Beginners
Creature Feature
United States
Feature Film
Kid Friendly
Character Focus: 
Mutant Film
A great sequel with high ambitions!
Gremlins 2 starts with a short Bugs Bunny gag as if to establish it is now a perked version of itself. It's slightly more suitable to a younger audience but it's dark enough to please anyone. It still feels like horror fantasy but it behaves much more like a sadistic cartoon. The previous protagonists aged a bit and their paths all happen to converge to a specific block in New York City.
Most of the plot takes place in a prestigious high-tech high rise used for business, commerce and science, giving Gremlins 2 a prestigious stature. None of it is taken seriously and it's hilarious. When things go bad; worse than they've been so far, the makers' ambition and skills shine through. The creatures are now fully lit, revealing more and even better animatronics than 1984's Gremlins'.
The concept of metamorphosis is pushed further and turned into an ongoing joke. The actors are given intricate roles and are a colorful delight. The animation techniques used have evolved. The production quality is higher, too, and the sets are very atmospheric. Perfect gateway to horror for kids, Gremlins 2 chooses to be fun, surrealist and comedic but doesn't forget its more sinister roots.
Alternate Titles: 
Gremlins 2
Gremlins Part 2
Gremlins II
Gremlins Part II
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