Masters of Terror 2017: George A. Romero's Filmography

This book contains the synopses and reviews of the darkest films in George A. Romero’s filmography. The listings are ranked from best to worst.

The ranking of each film is established by the sum of 8 types of ratings:


Catastrophe Antagonist



 This category includes threats of a catastrophic and apocalyptic scale.
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Two estranged brothers working on a script end up being chased by the digital sharks of their unreleased film.
Paintings and sculptures by an unknown artist take the lives of those who get too greedy.
A college student needs the help of her friends to solve the time loop she’s stuck in.
A politicized teenager is contradicted and becomes dangerous.
A deaf teenager attempts to survive in a world under attack from primeval creatures.
A doctor and his family relocate to a rural town, next to a haunted cemetery.
A teenage girl is raised by a nurturing robot designed to repopulate Earth.
Three vloggers discover that their neighbors are being replaced by doppelgangers.
A security specialist with psychic abilities is committed to a psychiatric hospital with two disturbed men.
Six strangers find themselves in a maze of deadly mystery rooms.
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