Legacy of Terror 2016

This book contains the reviews of 300 sequels, 25 prequels and 75 remakes.

For each category, installments are sorted in order of preference. The ranking of each film is established by the sum of 8 types of ratings: stars, gimmick, rewatchability, story, creativity, acting, quality and creepiness.

Each film description contains a synopsis, a list of attributed genres, a list of moods, eight ratings and a three-paragraph review.

Doppleganger Antagonist



 This category includes antagonists who can appear as other people, through morphing, disguise or illusion.
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A woman notices changes in her young son’s behavior that seem connected to an ominous sinkhole in the forest.
A family’s vacation turns into a nightmare when they are visited by their doppelgangers.
Three vloggers discover that their neighbors are being replaced by doppelgangers.
A man must travel in time to exterminate various shark-infested tornadoes.
A camgirl finds out she's been replaced, online, with an exact replica of herself.
A biologist signs up for an expedition into a mysterious place where nature evolved abnormally.
A possessed doll infiltrates a psychiatric hospital.
A dimensional being psychologically tortures a man who has been hunting him for decades.
Two time travelers attempt to stop the end of the world.
Christmas night turns into mayhem for different people.
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