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Masters of Horror Clive Barker (Ranked)
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A revenant manipulates his ex-lover into seducing and killing men so he can restitute his flesh using their blood.
An institutionalized murder suspect who recently defeated a demon attempts to convince her doctor she is innocent.
A fanatic cult waiting for the resurrection of their leader kill those responsible for his death.
A university student writing her thesis on local urban legends meddles with a dangerous ghost.
A reporter investigates a man who feeds a cursed pillar human blood.
A corrupted detective investigating a streak of sadistic murders finds a puzzle box that triggers strange events when solved.
A photographer follows a serial killer who stalks late night commuters.
A travelling showman tells horror stories to the people he meets.
A car accident victim investigates his wife’s disappearance.
A demon is released from his underground prison and goes on a rampage.
A teacher is visited by a ghost on Mardi Gras.
The community of an online horror game gets slaughtered during a get together.
A ghost haunts his distant relative.
A monk travels in time to hunt down two succubi.
A subversive reporter receives a videocassette depicting an act of resurrection and tracks down the producers.
College students document what people dread most.
A troubled man is drawn to a mythical place where monsters are hiding from humanity.
A paranormal expert discovers a house that is an intersection of the afterlife.
Clive Barker presents two short films he made when he was a young adult.
Hauntings of the Millennium: 20 Years of Spirits

Included in this book are reviews of the 5 best haunting films for each year between 2000 and 2019, and reviews of the top 10 haunting films released in the same period. Each entry includes a picture of the antagonist, a star rating, a synopsis, and a three-paragraph review.

Checklist of Terror 2020: 33 Monsters

This book contains 33 horror movie watchlists divided by monster type: alien, animal, cannibal, child, clown, cultist, demon, doll, doppelganger, genie, ghost, giant, insect, invisible, legend, lycanthrope, mummy, mutant, otherness, parasite, plant, professional, psychic, reaper, revenant, robot, serial killer, skeleton, toy, transgender, vampire, wizard, and zombie.

The ranking is established by the sum of 8 ratings: stars, gimmick, rewatchability, story, creativity, acting, quality, and creepiness.

The Horror Movie Bible

Included in this book are bite-size reviews of 2408 horror and horror-adjacent movies released between 1910 and 2020, listed in chronological order. Each review consists of a picture of one or multiple major antagonists, a release year, a synopsis, and five ratings called “stars”, “story”, “creativity”, “acting”, and “quality”.

Checklist of Terror 2020: 36 Subgenres

This book contains 36 horror movie watchlists divided by subgenres: apocalyptic, aquatic, beliefs, claustrocore, crime, disease, found footage, futuristic, giallo, Gothic, haunting, invasion, Lovecraftian, martial arts, monster, musical, period piece, prison, procedural, psychological, puzzle, quest, road, school, slapstick, slasher, space, sport, steampunk, superhero, time travel, torture, war, western, whodunit, and witchcraft.

The ranking is established by the sum of 8 ratings: stars, gimmick, rewatchability, story, creativity, acting, quality, and creepiness.

Legacy of Terror 2020: Sequels, Prequels & Remakes

200 sequels, 100 remakes, and 50 prequels are reviewed in this book. The movies are ranked. Their position in each list is established by the sum of 8 types of ratings: stars, gimmick, rewatchability, story, creativity, acting, quality, and creepiness. How many have you seen?