Camp of Terror 2018

This book includes 195 dark movies so bad they’re good.

Sorted in order of preference and reviewed, each film description contains a synopsis, a list of genres it belongs to, a list of ambiances involved, seven ratings and a three-paragraph review.

These films are not for the squeamish. You have been warned!

TRIPLE WHAMMY: Perfect Rewatchability, Creepiness & Gimmick

Movies with added value
Rating Requirements:
Rewatchability RatingRewatchability RatingRewatchability Rating 

To be listed as a TRIPLE WHAMMY, a film must have a REWATCHABILITY RATING of 4/4, a GIMMICK RATING of 4/4, and a CREEPINESS RATING of 4/4.

List of horror movies from the best to the worst; sorted according to their overall score and in this order of priority:

Horror Movie Rating Priorities
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Secluded in a remote hotel for the winter, a family is terrorized by ghosts.
A scientist in love gradually turns into a fly after experimenting with a teleportation method he discovered.
Teenagers held in a mental institution become the victims of a mad man who invades nightmares and kills through them.
A man fights demons inhabiting a remote cottage from which he cannot escape.
Haunted by a specter in her nightmares, a teenager discovers she is propagating her death curse among her friends.
A family moves into a town house located near a cemetery rumored to bring back the buried to life.
An injured author is held captive by a deranged fan of his.
An adopted boy once the victim of a possessed doll suspects it found its way to his new foster home.
A doll possessed by the ghost of a serial killer pursues a young boy in order to trade souls with him.
A teenage girl and her friends die one by one after being tricked and tortured by an evil figure that haunts nightmares.
Teenagers partying in a cabin in the woods become possessed by demons.
A group of friends return to their hometown to defeat a demon that haunted them when they were kids.
A resuscitated dream demon tracks down the woman who defeated him and tampers with her pregnancy to regain his powers.
The mutant son of a dead scientist investigates a teleportation device his father invented.
A shady mask factory plots to decimate the children population worldwide on Halloween night using a rigged live broadcast.
The ghost of a prom queen terrorizes the students of a high school.
On Halloween night, partying teenagers stir up spirits inside an abandoned house after a seance.
Teenagers unknowingly carry a demon curse from a haunted house to their school on Halloween night.
Aboard a spaceship, a scientist attempts to destroy a cursed puzzle box created by his ancestor.
The inhabitants of a desert town are attacked by prehistoric worms sensitive to vibrations.
A scientist who discovered how to reanimate the dead is sent to prison where he resumes his experiments.
A teenager joins a military college where he suspects he was found by a possessed doll that tormented him as a child.
Haunted tour participants awaken a supernatural entity while partying in the woods.
An extra-terrestrial substance invades a town and grows at it eats.
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